Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is a design for a Valentine's Day card that I sent out, as I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp, especially as Jack Sparrow. It was an overnight assignment so that I could send it out on time. Sketched traditionally, scanned in, then done in Adobe Photoshop CS4.


And Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Contests, Books, Valentine's Day?

I have been so busy working on my children's book and entering various contests that I forgot to show my blog some love and update it again!

Adobe Achievement Award
If you are eligible you should enter! I am a bit confused about the three "phases" though...

Rolling Stone Cover Opportunity! This was given to our entire Illustration department, the winner could end up doing one of their covers. That would be amazing! So I entered.

I finally have all 16 spreads laid out in comps and made into a miniature dummy book. I also have a huge stack of un-used thumbnail sketches and discarded comp sketches for each spread, but that is not the exciting part. We shall see how many more times I decide to tweak the composition and how closely my "type placement" will fit when actual type is inserted. Artwork will be coming soon!

Valentine's Day:
I feel as though I should do something for the up and coming Single's Awareness Day, more commonly known a Valentine's Day. The trick will be finding time to do this and still complete all of my other work in an attempt to keep my GPA high. No "senior-itice" yet! Hopefully there will be art related to the fun holiday soon as well!