Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heroes of Today

"Heroes" is the theme for the upcoming Colors Magazine in Catena Italy. Everyone is welcome to submit a story of someone who deserves to be recognized as a hero of today's world.

I chose two of these stories and submitted a portrait of each person to the magazine.

The first portrait is of Dave Chameides, or "Sustainable Dave" as he is more popularly known. For nearly a year he has collected all of his garbage in his basement to help him realize his waste footprint, which he has been able reduce significantly.

The second portrait depicts the Siberian husky and schnauzer mix, Ginny, who has rescued countless cats.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Liz,
    I was just forwarded this by a friend. Not only was i totally flattered that you chose me to submit, but I LOVE the artwork you made with my likeness. Thanks so much!!!
    Dave (Sustainable Dave) Chameides