Saturday, January 7, 2012

So I am an "Avatard"

As of late I have been very interested in the cultures, concepts, and clothing in the TV series Avatar the Last Airbender. As a result I felt compelled to create a character to resemble myself in that setting. For those of you who know the series, this would take place after the series, and if you don't want spoilers I suggest you stop reading here.

I shall share the utter nerdy-ness that overtook me as I created an entire character and background for said character.

Her name is Azaya and she is a 22 year old Waterbender, like her father. However, her mother and older brother are Firebenders. She grew up in the Fire Nation- specifically Shu Jing, the home of Piandao. Currently she lives in the Earth Kingdom as she prefers their food (not spicy) and occupational opportunities. Her best friend, Zorra (yea Zelda rip off!) is a Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe, where she visits every now and then. (As I said, this takes place after the war is over and peace between the nations is being attempted.)

Her abilities include Waterbending, Healing, and Dual Swordsmanship. She wishes she could Firebend as well (especially to incorporate into her dancing)...actually she'd love to be able to bend all of the elements but alas, she is not the Avatar...c'est la vie.

Her professions include: Dancer, Painter, Teacher, Actor, Herbalist, Singer, Healer (gee, remind you of somebody's ideal lifestyle?)

She really enjoys the fire nation's style in clothing, and thus mostly wears it, though she pays tribute to her tribe with a few accents and her water tribe vile- a trinket on her dao sword, in which she keeps water from the North Pole so she can always have a piece of it wherever she goes. She is also relatively new member of the White Lotus Society and carries a white lotus gambit on her other dao sword.

Also, despite long finger nails representing royalty in the Fire Nation...she keeps hers long because she enjoys imitating (and mocking) people with vast amounts of money- she is slightly bitter that she has none and has no fear of showing it.


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