Sunday, October 25, 2009

Theater Poster

Though the season is not midsummer, the poster focuses on a certain play that takes place in "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
That's right, this was a poster assignment to illustrate a poster of any kind of performance, and since this particular Shakespearean play has had such a huge role in my life I decided to do this.
I have been working and struggling very hard with watercolors in this class- learning a complete new technique and style of painting, very different from my own "style." At first, I would always "pet the paper", as my teacher phrased it, and would never be bold enough or dark enough with my watercolors, so I really worked at simply putting down the paint and leaving it, as well as blending it and having a range of values.
Though it is not, in any way, my favorite piece that I have produced, I am quite proud of my progress in the class, and hope that I continue to take as giant steps in growth as I have been.

The figure on the rocks is, by far, my favorite character- Puck. This does not quite embody how I always imagine him, but it does capture the "essence" that I feel is always carried with him. The carefree, mischievous, wild and yet, at times, gentleness that is Puck. Enjoy!

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