Saturday, August 27, 2011


After a long break I finally felt the strong urge to draw pull me back to my computer, where hours flew past without my even noticing. It was amazing, and felt so good to illustrate simply because I wanted to again. This is the product of locking myself in my room for hours on end when I have the desire to just keep working on art. It is an original character of mine that I have not drawn in a few years. Done completely in Photoshop CS4 with a tablet.

Whenever I illustrate my original characters they tend to come out in a much more detailed, cell-shaded style that strays quite far from my children's book or editorial this time I decided to make an attempt to combine them- depict my character in my children's book style...and I would say it strongly resembles it, yet there are quite a number of ways that it varies as well. However, I am happy with the result!

And before anyone asks, yes he is a goth. His name is Zairin. He was conjured in my mind during an interesting period in my life, but he really is quite nice at heart. Previously I did not see myself illustrating tween/teen novels, but I could see this in some of those novels I see on the shelves today.

Any thoughts? Please share them! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Until next time!

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